Marine carbon sources and sinks assessment

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 Anthropogenic carbon inventories: Doug Wallace, Aida Rios, Catherine Goyet
 Arctic ocean: Leif Anderson Atmospheric CO2: Martin Heimann, Harro Meijer
 Biological feedbacks: Marion Gehlen, Dieter Wolf-Gladrow
 CarboSchools (school projects): Andrea Volbers, Philippe Saugier
 Data assimilation (model based carbon fluxes): Jim Orr
 Data sets and data management: Benjamin Pfeil
 Deep section data: Doug Wallace, Bob Key, Truls Johannessen
 Deliberate carbon storage in the ocean: Gregor Rehder, Peter Haugan
 Ecosystems: Richard Bellerby, Corinne LeQuere, Christoph Voelker
 European regional seas (North Sea, Mediterranean): Helmuth Thomas, Emma Huertas
 Future scenarios for carbon cycle and climate: Laurent Bopp, Fortunat Joos
 GCMs and Earth system modeling: Christoph Heinze, Joachim Segschneider
 General project information and enquiries: Christoph Heinze
 Link between marine and terrestrial carbon cycle: Martin Heimann, Christoph Heinze
 North Atlantic carbon sink changes: Andy Watson, Ute Schuster, Are Olsen
 Ocean acidification: Richard Bellerby, Jim Orr
 Outreach to non-specialists: Andrea Volbers
 Oxygen in the context of the carbon cycle: Arne Koertzinger, Martin Heimann, Andrew Manning
 Press contact: Andrea Volbers, Christoph Heinze
 Relations to other projects: Andrea Volbers, Christoph Heinze
 Remote sensing: Jacqueline Boutin
 Research cruises: Truls Johannessen
 Southern Ocean: Mario Hoppema, Nicolas Metzl
 School projects and teaching material (see above under CarboSchools): Andrea Volbers, Philippe Saugier
 Time series data: Melchor Gonzalez-Davila
 Training of scientists: Janusz Pempkowiak, Christoph Heinze
 VOS-lines, surface ocean observing system: Andy Watson, Truls Johannessen
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